Why Us

We are young and aspire to grow as a company by providing quality & precise solution which will increase the profitability of our client by assisting the client to choose correct temenos products, Difference and Impact of having must have and nice to have approach.
We can also help on what is best approach, which will not only impact the project cost but also the project delivery/implementation time and therefore the project risk. We believe in creating lasting relationships by delivering the quality assured products on time.
For eg.,
1.Temenos have Model Banks for each release and it is better to go for the Model Bank Implementation approach. Which not only save the time and cost…it also saves the huge risk of the Impementation project as temenos products are flexible and hence without having handson experience we cannot be the best implementer.
2.For Migration of data to Temenos from other systems, it is better go use Temenos Migration tool as it as log file for every migration and it have every detail for each errors. If we pass the data in the correct data format as per the Temenos fields then it will accept that data.
3.Go for Phased approach with project planning for the successful execution of the project.
We are team of experienced Bankers and experienced consultants and we know the core banking Business in addition to Technical details of Temenos Transact and its digital Banking and Mobile Banking

Following are some of our skills.