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Trade Finance & Gtees UAT Training
First of all thank you for arranging the Trade Finance & Gtees Training sessions from PSSOFT team during the last three days. We have successfully gone through all the LC and Gtees types in the UXP browser. The attendees had practical experience on the system, and they have gotten familiar with it. While we intially encountered challenges on the environment during the first day, I must highlight that the trainees were generally satisfied with the system capabilities. Moving forward, once we address the outstanding issues and defects in core banking environments, and with the support of the team, I am optimistic we will achieve smooth and successful testing during UAT. Additionally, I would like to thank Ponnusamy Thangaraj for his extensive knowledge and expertise in T24 Trade Finance and Gtees during his on-site presence. His ability to translate his deep knowledge and experience to address all our business and technical questions/concerns was instrumental to the success of this training.

TRADE FINANCE & GTEES Re-Implementation

We just had a Trade call with Thangaraj and happy to see the progress made ; he has agreed to work on minor adjustments by Friday and also pending 3 developments by Monday . Thanks to Thangaraj and his team in advance for this and great work !

Offshore Transact Business Training and Support Testimonial from IMS Lebanon

To whom may concern,
Gomathi and Raj (Thangaraj) delivered comprehensive functional training on Forex, Money Market, SWAPS and SECURITIES modules to our Transact Team in 2021 and 2022 on behalf of Porselvi Software Pvt Ltd. They delivered the Training from their Indian office through video conferencing. The training was very effective and we were able to get clarifications on a daily basis during the recap session.
They shared the knowledge needed with our Treasury Team and Securities Team.
Proselvi Software team members, support, and assistance in training and remote support have been vital for IMS for the past few years, and we rely on their expertise and extra hand every time we are in need.
Thank you
Imad Habchi | General Manager | IMS (an ITG company)

Transact Training Testimonial from S & G Technology Services Ltd, London.

‘Raj and Gomathi delivered a comprehensive training course for some of our new recruits on Transact in 2020 on behalf of Porselvisoftware Pvt Ltd. They made good use of their India-based offices through video conferencing. The training was well balanced, and Raj and Gomathi’s experience as trainers was well supported by comprehensive training material.
Furthermore, we appreciated their focus and personal commitment to make the training a success, despite the unavoidable disruptions created by the COVID crisis. We would recommend Porselvisoftware Pvt Ltd for any Transact training.’"

International Bank in London.

Dear Raj,
Yes I am very happy with your efforts in supporting from offshore.
I know that if I have any issues you will address them and assist with any queries I have in a professional manner. This is hard to pick up so far along in the project, and your knowledge and patience is much appreciated.
It's difficult to receive the same type of support from any other consultants.

Marfin Bank Romania Treasury Implementation

- Romania
We have worked with Porselvi team for Marfin Bank Romania Treasury Implementation project. The Modules FX and MM implementation was handled by him and it is his dedication and sincere effort along with his huge techno-functional knowledge on FX and MM helped our project a lot. His presentation, training to our team and UAT support and the step by step procedure document on migration of MM were all very organized.
He shared his knowledge whatever is needed by the Treasury team with respect to FX and MM. It will be my great pleasure to work with him again.

Ziraat Bank, Jeddah Branch, Saudi Arabia

- Trade Finance implementation
We had the opportunity to have a team work with Raj (Thangaraj Ponnusamy), for Trade Finance Implementation of Ziraat Bankasi Jeddah Branch.
It was an impressive job and we had the UAT for Trade Finance & Guarantees implementation in just three days which was supposed to get completed in several weeks. When we had problems regarding the system, Raj (Thangaraj Ponnusamy) solved the matters in just minutes. As an IT expert, We have hardly know anyone as capable as him. He knew all aspects of the trade finance, with extreme practical skills. It would never be that fast and that efficient without Raj (Thangaraj Ponnusamy).
We hope one day we will get the chance to work again.

Ziraat Bank, Jeddah Branch, Saudi Arabia

- CRM, Trade Finance & Treasury Implementation
Dear Transact teams:
We worked with Raj (PorselviSoftware Pvt Ltd Founder) on Trade Finance and Treasury implementation of Ziraat Bankasi Jeddah Branch., he is very knowledgeable, supportive person which help you from any perspective.
He is having the delighted and hardworking personality which help him to work even under pressure. He is capable to work as a single or with a team.

SARADAR Bank, Lebanon, Transact Trade Finance & Guarantees Training

Training provided by Raj (Thangaraj Ponnusamy) on Trade Finance & Guarantees Business/Technical was good and productive. Although we didn't do workshops (as suggested by Temenos) the walkthrough we did together was extremely helpful in clarifying and highlighting main issues, some of which we were not aware of.

BACB, London

- Accounting Training, Transact Finance Lead
Thank you for the training session. It was extremely helpful.
What we found partially useful was the overview of how the product details are entered into the system and the various tables and parameters which then dictate how this then accounted for.
Obviously we will have more questions going forward but today gave us a useful overview of how the system operates, the parameters we will need to input into the system and how we may be able to test the output.

BACB, London

- Accounting Training, Transact Finance Team Member
Agree with Ed – a very useful session for us and aimed at the right level for our (poor!) understanding of Transact at the moment!. We sure we shall require further input from you once we have more detail on the fees and charges on the Trade Finance products.

BACB, London

- Kate Aleksandrova, Accounting Training, Transact Business Analyst
I can say that Raj (Thangaraj Ponnusamy) seems to be very knowledgeable and also patient. He would spend as much time as you can to ensure the person understands exactly how the Transact core banking system works and why.

BACB, London

- Felice, Transact Treasury Business Analyst
Bonjour Guillaume,
Hope things are going well for you and your Company.
Tomorrow will be my last working day at BACB, we would like to take the opportunity to give you a business recommendation about Raj( Thangaraj Ponnusamy), Co-founder of Porselvi Software Pvt Ltd, one of my colleagues, in the copy.
This gentleman has got many years' experience with the Transact Products, that he has demonstrated here at BACB and in other Transact implementations, for which we have received a very good feedback from common Transact colleagues.
We strongly recommend to your Company his Company Services for any coming Project where Syncordis may require the high level and valuable professional skills.

BACB, London

- Marc Sargeant, Trade Finance Business Analyst
We currently working alongside Mr. Thangaraj Ponnusamy ('Raj'), Founder of Porselvi Software Pvt. Ltd., in a Transact implementation project, and have found him to be not only knowledgeable in both technical and functional aspects of Transact, but also a decent and hardworking individual, who is a pleasure to work with.
Our work focuses on Trade Finance, but Raj has also shown his skills and knowledge in other areas, including the Transact GL. Should you need further information regarding the value that Raj can bring to your Transact project, please contact me through Linkedin

BACB, London

- Kurt Staines, Trade Finance SME
I worked with Raj (Thangaraj Ponnusamy – Founder of Porselvi Software Pvt Ltd) on a Transact project at an International Bank in London.
Raj is a very good configuration consultant with a high level of knowledge in Transact applications and technical functionality. He is able to take on business requirements and successfully translate them to Transact functionality.
Raj has a good understanding of international trade and how transactional work flows through the different standard product sets.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Raj to work as a configuration consultant on Transact Trade Finance projects.