Specialist in Banking Software Training


"Porselvi Software is aimed in providing quality training for the Core Banking / Internet Banking Clients. We have pre-defined courses for each module which will enable the client to work on his own during the Transact / Infinity Implementation cycle of that module. If the client needs special training we can fine tune the material as per the requirement. Transact/GLOBUS/MBS (formerly called as eMerge/MCB) - This includes both business as well as technical training. The Co-Founder (Trainer) has provided 10 onsite Trainings and countless number of offshore trainings to various clients across Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The co-founder was also awarded ""best performer"" during her career in Transact/Transact MBS projects such as Training, implementation, upgrades etc. Infinity Training - "

Transact Technical Training

Our online and offline workshop explores technical training course development, with a heavy emphasis on real technical training. Throughout the program, apply tools to make your own technical training project interactive, engaging, and motivating.

Transact Business Training

We have a special training program for Transact Implementation and Management team which will help understand the Process to be followed in Transact, instead of changing the Transact and we can do the health check on the current Transact system and suggest to better features on the Transact Upgrade.

Infinity Training